Rowlett, TX Corporate Solutions

Rowlett, TX Corporate Solutions

Whether you manage a single office building, a campus consisting of several buildings, or a network including multiple locations in Rowlett, TX requiring centralized management, you need your video surveillance system to provide value well beyond the basic benefits of security, loss prevention, and risk management.

Grayson Pro-Tech, Inc. commercial surveillance solutions are designed to address the surveillance and operational needs for businesses of any size in Rowlett, TX and empower you to grow as you go.

Build the Perfect Corporate Business Security Solutions

A surveillance solution for your business does not have to be expensive or difficult to install. In most cases the security solution will pay for itself within months by deterring theft and intruders, reducing shrinkage, reducing liability and improving productivity.

Tips of Protecting Your Business from Theft

The larger your business, the more vulnerable you are to employee theft, productivity issues, insurance liability, and the resulting impact on your profitability. Here are top tips to help protect your business.

  • Install a High Quality Video Surveillance System

    A video surveillance system equipped with high resolution video cameras, DVR or NVR, and real-time alerts enables you to conveniently monitor your location.

  • Invest in an IP-based Access Control Solution

    IP-based access control helps prevent unauthorized access. It provides a flexible security solution with easy and convenient management.

  • Install Hidden Cameras

    Hidden cameras come in a variety of form factors that blend in well in almost every business environment - from binders to smoke detectors.

  • Integrate Your Data with the Power of Video

    Video Data Management System allows you to seamlessly integrate your high definition video with data from your POS and EAC systems - to deliver video-enhanced business intelligence to empower your security.

  • Choose the Right Security Camera for Each Location

    Having the right security camera in place to monitor specific areas is important for protecting your business.

    • Building Interiors - Dome cameras with wide dynamic range (WDR) deliver effective surveillance capabilities for interior office spaces.

    • Building Perimeters - You need a rugged outdoor megapixel IP bullet camera that can withstand a variety of elements of weather conditions and provide reliable day/night surveillance.

    • Parking Lots & Garages - Long range IR bullet cameras mounted overhead will provide an overview shot of the location.
  • Frequently Test Your Alarm Systems and Surveillance Equipment

    It is a good idea to frequently test your alarm system and your surveillance equipment on a regular basis to ensure it is working optimally.

Our security experts are here to provide a FREE business needs analysis to understand your security concerns, identify other areas of potential vulnerability, and design the perfect video surveillance system to protect your single or multi-site operation.

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